“AL TAREEQ ALASHAL” in Arabic means Easy Way, the name already gives an idea about our prospective of doing services.


AL TAREEQ ALASHAL was Founded in 2017 intends to interface and convey between our customers and another network in a most effortless way.

We are situated in Dubai – UAE to have the capacity to serve individuals of Smart, Consistently, and successfully.

We are a promoting organization have practical experience in planning and delivering publicizing billboards and bulletins likewise promoting materials and tests utilizing the most recent innovation, such as: pamphlets, catalogs, posters, and gifts.


Aerial Image Technology

Ultra-thin Double Sided digital signage

Makani Plates of Dubai

Makani, the official geo – addressing system Endorsed by his highness Sheikh Mohammed bin rashed Al-mak-toum , ruler of Dubai.

It will be a part of official addressing system in Dubai, and will be used by all government organizations. Makani means “My location” Is 10 digit number giving the location of entrance of all building in Dubai.

The goal of this project is to make it easy for all resident and tourists to reach any location by using mobiles. Tablets, digital map, Etc.

Our turn is supplying and installation of the plates in a creative and easy way that clarify the location accuracy as clear as possible, with signboards and picture to facilitate the direction instruction step by step.

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